Voices & Visions®

Voices & Visions elicits the power of art to communicate great Jewish ideas.

Voices & Visions posters elicit the power of art to interpret the words of great Jewish thinkers and create opportunities for contemplation and conversation. Each poster series is offered as a gift to organizations to beautify their spaces, spark discussion, contribute to their curricula, and create new programming.

The first set of 18 posters, the Masters Series debuted in 2012 as a limited edition. Today, they can be found at Jewish organizations in at least thirteen different countries around the world.

In 2015 Voices & Visions released its Proudly Jewish series, a collection of six posters that "exemplify the values and ideas that Judaism teaches.” 

The first installment of Frames of Mind, the third poster series, was launched during Passover 2017.

The hardcover book, Voices & Visions, contains 36 posters along with excerpts from the commentaries that accompany each poster.

To learn more, visit the Voices & Visions website.