Our Mission

Inspired by the deep meaning and joy offered by Jewish living, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) helps people connect to Jewish values, faith, traditions, and culture and build vibrant Jewish communities.

Values and Commitments

  • The HGF is committed to the classic Jewish value of tikkun olam – repairing the world for all of humanity. We believe in the importance of an engaged Jewish people who will continue to play a constructive role in world repair.
  • The HGF values a broad range of Jewish expressions of faith and connections to Judaism.
  • The HGF is committed to supporting Jewish programs and organizations that strengthen Jewish communities today and for the future.
  • The HGF is committed to maintaining the special connection between Israel and the diaspora.


The Harold Grinspoon Foundation

  • celebrates Jewish culture and community by sharing Jewish stories through PJ Library.
  • strengthens the long-term organizational effectiveness and financial sustainability of Jewish summer camps through JCamp 180.
  • fosters a culture of endowment building and legacy giving through Life & Legacy.
  • parks encounters with great Jewish ideas and the contemporary art of Voices & Visions.
  • supports local and national programs that fit with our mission.

Where We Operate

  • The HGF supports vibrant Jewish programs across North America that fall within our core focus.
  • The HGF supports Keren Grinspoon Israel to carry out Sifriyat Pijama and Maktabat-al-Fanoos, which promote literacy for all children in the state of Israel and promote Jewish culture, education, and traditions to Jewish Israelis.
  • In addition, the HGF supports Jewish communities worldwide through the international reach of its flagship PJ Library program.
  • The HGF provides a range of programming and support to our local Jewish community of Western Massachusetts.

How We Work

  • The HGF works in partnership with Jewish and philanthropic organizations and individual philanthropists on our given priorities. Through extended collaborations, we provide support and learn together.
  • The HGF works to expand philanthropic investment, often using matching grants.
  • The HGF is a fast-paced, results-driven organization dedicated to high quality and continuous improvement.