Young Adult Engagement Grant

Young Adult Engagement Grants fund eligible Jewish organizations and individuals in implementing a new program that will creatively engage young adults (ages 22-36) in the community. Programs must have a Jewish focus and a formal system of tracking program attendance.

Who qualifies?

  • Applicants must be located in Western Massachusetts (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampden, and Hampshire counties) or Southern Vermont (Bennington and Windham counties)

  • Organizations must have and maintain status as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 as amended (the "Code") and be classified under sections 509(a)(1) or 509(a)(2) of the Code.

  • For individual applicants, a W-9 form must be completed to be eligible for the grant.

Available funding:

This grant is a highly competitive and not guaranteed. Organizations and individuals may apply for up to 70% of the total cost of the program, up to $10,000.

How do we receive funding?

An approved organization or individual will receive payments at the beginning and end of the program year. Payments are contingent on the receipt and approval of all required documents. A complete reporting timeline will be communicated upon approval. The submission of a final report is required for an organization's future grant applications to be considered.

Need help?

For questions about the Young Adult Engagement Grant or the online grant system, please email GRANTS@HGF.ORG


Please note that the Harold Grinspoon Foundation reserves the right to decline any applications for any reason.

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