Professional Development Grants

The Harold Grinspoon Professional Development Grant encourages organizations and individuals to gain new tools and knowledge to strengthen local Jewish schools and organizations by helping to subsidize the cost of professional development opportunities. Jewish educators and employees are urged to take part in professional development opportunities to help further better and grow their organization.

Who qualifies?

  • To be eligible for the Professional Development Grant for Individuals, an employee must be affiliated with a qualified Jewish organization that serves Western Massachusetts or Southern Vermont (Windham or Bennington counties).
  • ​To be eligible for the Professional Development Grant for Organizations, a qualified Jewish organization must directly serve Western Massachusetts or Southern Vermont (Windham or Bennington counties).
  • An individual attending a training, program, or conference on behalf of their organization.
  • An organization in Western MA or Southern VT hosting an onsite training for their staff

What event qualifies?

Eligible programs must be hosted by a recognized Jewish institution or reputable educational institution. The program must help participants develop impactful skills that will improve the organization. The Harold Grinspoon Foundation is focused on helping organizations develop better outreach, marketing, and fundraising and will continue supporting professional development for educators.

Examples of qualifying programs include

  • Training to develop skills for outreach, fundraising, or marketing
  • Onsite programs conducted by a guest educator/trainer to train in groups or one-on-one sessions.
  • Programs targeted directly to educators
  • Online classes for employees to develop and enhance job related skills

What funding is available?

Organizations will have a professional development budget determined by a brief application submitted in September.
Leadership at each organization is responsible for deciding how to use the funds. Funding is on a first come, first serve basis.

The organization director or head of school must review professional development applications for individuals before submission.
  • Eligible costs include
    • Registration costs
    • Standard accommodations
    • Travel costs
    • Food and concessions
  • Non-eligible cost include
    • Luxury accommodations
    • Gratuities and donations
    • Souvenirs

​How do I receive funding?

Completed applications must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the start of the program. Late applications will not be accepted.

If approved for a Professional Development Grant, a check will be made out to the recipient and the sponsoring organization. The check will be mailed to the address listed on the recipient’s application. The recipient must endorse the check and forward it to the sponsoring organization.

Need Help?

For questions about the Professional Development Grant or the online grant system, please email [email protected].

Please note that the Harold Grinspoon Foundation does not support recreational or entertainment based programs or events and reserves the right to decline any application for any reason.

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