Jewish Community Grants

Jewish Community Grants stimulate the community to create meaningful and impactful programs related to various aspects of Jewish life. The Harold Grinspoon Foundation encourages organizations and individuals to develop public and widely publicized programs.

Who qualifies?

  • Programs must be held in Western Massachusetts (413 area code) or Southern Vermont (Bennington and Windham counties).
  • Applications may be submitted by organizations or individuals such as artists, educators, project organizers, and volunteers.
  • Organizations must be charitable organizations exempt from federal income tax further classified as a 509 (a)(1) or 509(a)(2).
  • Up to three organizations can collaborate on an event and can receive 70% of the total cost up to $7,500 for a collaborative event (up to $2,500 per organization).

What type of proposals are considered?

Proposals must describe how a program brings meaning and impact to a community. Priority is given to proposals that
  • Connect individuals and families who are under-engaged in the Jewish community
  • Are designed and executed collaboratively by multiple organizations/individuals in order to share resources, maximize publicity, and reach a diverse constituency
  • If applying for the Jewish Community Grant for individuals, the individual must be the sole organizer and the event cannot be advertised as an event for an organization (though organizations may sponsor the event).
  • Applications must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event.
This is a competitive grant program. Receipts may be requested following the event

What funding is available?

  • Individuals and organizations are eligible to receive project grants of up to $2,500 (maximum 70% of cost)
  • Individuals may apply for up to two grants per year and organizations may apply for up to three grants per year

How do I receive funding?

The Jewish Community Grant is a reimbursement grant. Within 30 days of completing a project, grant recipients must submit a brief narrative and financial report of activities.

For individual applicants, a W-9 form must be completed if receiving $600 or more for the grant.

Need help?

For questions about the Jewish Community Grant or the online grant system, please email [email protected]

Please note that the Harold Grinspoon Foundation does not support recreational or entertainment based programs or events and reserves the right to decline any application for any reason.

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