Community Enrollment Checklist & Support Materials

Guidelines for Community Enrollment 2018-2019 North American Grinspoon Awards for Excellence in Jewish Education (GAEJE)

The information below refers to a program which has been discontinued. Please feel free to use these resources to support your community.

Suggested Yearly Checklist

  1. If needed, determine the goals and details of your award, including your budget and funding source. Most importantly, determine which system will be used to solicit nominations in your community. Suggested systems include SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, and Airtable.
  2. Follow your timeline for marketing your local award.
  3. Solicit nominations for your award.
  4. Select an award winner, notify nominees and nominee schools, and set a date for your award presentation.
  5. Have certificates signed by the appropriate staff.
  6. Present award, and publish ad/press release to local media


EXAMPLE: Timeline for Local Award Process

  • Initial committee meeting to confirm evaluation rubric- November-January
    • Announcement of the award process- January
  • Nominations period- January-February
  • Nominee forms requested- March
  • Nominee forms due- March
  • Committee reviews nominations- March-April
  • Committee meeting for final selection- April
  • Awardee (and school) notified; other nominees (and schools) notified- April
  • Award ceremony announced- April
  • Award presented- May
  • Press/ad run- May

Support Materials