Professional Development Grants

In order to provide high-quality educational environments within Jewish institutions, educators are encouraged to advance their professional growth. Through the Resource Center for Jewish Education, HGF is able to administer funding to both individual Jewish educators, and onsite professionals. The maximum funding to member schools each year is $2,500. This substantial amount maintains quality on-site professional development programming at member associations.

Individual Applicants Please Note:

  • Submissions for grant requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the conference deadline
  • A blank W9 form must be downloaded, completed, and uploaded to your application
  • Grants must be approved prior to attending a conference
  • Attendees may request 70% of the total conference expenses
  • The maximum contribution is $600 per teacher/per experience
  • Conference registrations less than $75 will not be funded
  • Application must be endorsed by the school directors/supervisors warranting the conference

Download the Guidelines for Professional Development Grant


Those interested in learning more about the On-Site Professional Grant please contact

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